Eastern Hydropower Limited IPO result date

Eastern Hyderabad Limited, which had opened its IPO has announced the date for the IP result. 

Eastern Hydropower Restricted has built two hydropower projects: "Irkhuwa Khola Ka HPP (an introduced limit of 14.1 MW)" and the "Pikhuwa Khola Hydropower Undertaking 5 MW." NMB Capital has been delegated the issuing administrator for the Initial public offering of Eastern hydropower restricted. Eastern Hydropower Ltd was changed over from Private Restricted to Public Restricted in August 2017 As per Sub Segment 1) of Area 13 of the Organizations Act 2006.

NMB Capital has announced that the IPO result will be published on Kartik 9 or at least the IPO result will be published on Kartik 11. So you can hope the result to be published between these two dates

To check IPO results you can always visit the Mero share website or mobile app or the Capitals website which in this case is NMB Capital.


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