Nabil Investment Banking Launches New Stock Exchange

The Nepal Securities Board issued a notice on October 2 and requested applications from organizations interested in operating new stock exchanges, stock brokers, stock dealers and commodity and exchange markets.

In this way, to obtain the permission of trading in the commodity exchange market or the permission of securities brokers and securities traders and the recommendation to establish an organized organization for the operation of the securities market, an application has to be made to the Securities Board, so before submitting the application, all the necessary documents such as the company's business plan (Business Plan), feasibility study Nabil Investment Banking Limited will provide full support for the preparation of the report (Feasibility Study) etc.

Feasibility Study Report, Financial Projection, Business Plan, Operating Guidelines, HR Bylaws The company said that there is an arrangement to prepare other necessary documents including For this, individuals and organizations who want to take this service can contact the Institutional Consulting Service Department of Nabil Investment Banking Limited, the company said.

For detailed information in this regard, contact Nabil Investment Banking Limited, Naxal, Kathmandu on phone numbers 4411604, 4411733 extension numbers 160, 131 and 130 or mobile no. 9851221209, 9841898949, 9813626969 or email for your inquiries, the company informed.


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