Eastern Hydropower to issue IPO in Ashoj 28

Eastern Hydropower Limited will be issuing IPO in Ashoj 28 of quantity 6 lakhs 23 thousand and 388 kitta.

Eastern Hydropower to issue IPO in Ashoj 28

6,20,000 shares of the company at a nominal rate of Rs 100 per share have been issued for the local residents of the project-affected area of ​​Bhojpur district, while 5,64,650 shares have been allotted to the applicants who apply directly and the remaining 50,310 shares will be issued for the general public 6. In addition to the 20,000 shares, out of a total of 6,70,310 shares, 5 percent i.e. 33,515 shares have been reserved for the collective investment fund and 2 percent i.e. 13,406 shares have been allocated to the employees working in the company and the remaining 6,23,388 shares are ordinary shares. Shares are about to be issued to the general public.

The issue date will be open from October 28, 2079 to Kartik 1 banking hours. If the application is not received in advance, the issue date will remain open until 14th October 2079.

Interested investors can apply from a minimum of 10 shares to a maximum of 100,000 shares. C-ASBA member banks and financial institutions and their branch offices that have received approval from the Nepal Securities Board for the company's IPO can also apply through the C-ASBA system using My Share software. Similarly, the company has appointed NMB Capital Limited to act as the issuing and selling manager.


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